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The NFC (L)East?


Let’s face it. The NFC East is now the NFC Least.

The New York Giants have been in the driver’s seat, but they haven’t been able to seal the deal. The Eagles continue to disappoint, and with Mark Sanchez filling in for Sam Bradford, it could only get worse. Don’t even get me started with the Redskins. And lastly, the Cowboys (for the wrong reasons) have been the most talked about team this season.

Who really has a shot of winning the NFC East title? Someone has to win, right?


Redskins (4-5), Jets (5-4), Dolphins (4-5). Panthers (9-0), Vikings (7-2), Eagles (4-5)

Two divisional games, one mountain lion, and one surging Scandinavian stand in the way of the G-Men. The Giants are good enough to win at least four of the remaining six, but it seems like their ability to finish becomes their worst enemy each week. Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks has been added to the mix, and the Giants looked great against the Patriots. They are in a good position to take control of the East, but will they?


Dolphins (4-5), Panthers (9-0), Redskins (4-5), Packers (6-3), Jets (5-4), Bills (5-4), Redskins (4-5)

I don’t know about you, but it seems like Jason Garrett has to answer questions like this every week. The Dallas Cowboys have been a shell of themselves this season. The dynamic passing attack the Cowboys once had? Yeah, it’s not there anymore.

Without Tony Romo, the Cowboys have lost their last seven games. The rushing attack has been relied on more than ever, ranking ninth in the league in rushing yards per game. Their next seven games are against teams who are in the hunt for a playoff spot. If things weren’t already difficult in JerryWorld already, it’s about to be.


Panthers (9-0), Giants (5-5), Cowboys (2-7), Bears (4-5), Bills (5-4), Eagles (4-5), Cowboys (2-7)

Yes, Kirk Cousins, we liked that. The Redskins put on a show against the New Orleans Saints last Sunday. Kirk Cousins threw for four touchdowns, and the rest was history. However, it was a New Orleans Saints defence led by Rob Ryan. Things could get better or worse for the nation’s capital, as they go up against some solid teams.


Buccaneers (4-5), Lions (2-7), Patriots (9-0), Bills (5-4), Cardinals (7-2), Redskins (4-5), Giants (5-5)

The Eagles looked like they had a chance to beat the Dolphins, until Sam Bradford went down. Bradford’s backup:

Mark Sanchez took over, and ended doing what Mark Sanchez does best. Sanchez threw a costly interception in the end zone, and the Dolphins didn’t look back. The next two games are winnable for the Eagles, however, it won’t be a walk in the park after that. Depending on how long it takes for Bradford to get back on the field, the Eagles could be in some serious trouble.

So far, it’s been a bad season for NFC East teams. From remaining schedules, to upper management, to coaching, it seems like all of these teams have issues. Who will win the NFC East? I don’t know.

Fortunately, it isn’t as bad as the AFC South.

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