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Can Brady lead the Patriots to 16-0 again?


In the words of the great fantasy analyst Matthew Berry, the “Gronk You Tour” is underway. The clear cut question is, can the Patriots “sellout” at every stop, and go to the venue of all venues?

The Patriots are arguably the best team in the NFL. Led by MVP candidate Tom Brady, the Patriots look as locked in as ever. I guess it only took a little more motivation.


After defeating the Colts in the AFC championship game, the Patriots were accused of cheating. What’s now known as the Deflategate scandal caused questions to fly all over the place for the Pats during Super Bowl weekend. Months after the Patriots won the Super Bowl, Tom Brady was suspended four games by the NFL for conduct detrimental to the NFL.

Tom Brady defended himself time and time again during the off season, and appealed the suspension. The NFL upheld it’s decision, and Brady took them to court. Judge Berman lifted Brady’s suspension, and that was history.

As expected, Brady started off strong against the Steelers. He threw for 288 yards, completed 25 of his 32 passes, and threw for four touchdowns. It was a flawless performance, and Brady hasn’t looked back ever since. Prior to tomorrow’s game, Brady currently leads the league in passing yards (3,045), has a quarterback rating of 111.1, and has thrown for 24 touchdowns and only three interceptions.

His team looks like a well-oiled machine, ranking second in total offence this season. Having weapons like Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, and Dion Lewis help as well, but Brady is utilizing his weapons to the best of his abilities; something that every quarterback strives to do during their career. Unfortunately for Brady, he’ll be without Lewis for the rest of the campaign, and Edelman for the remainder of the regular season. But if there’s anyone who could win without key players, it’s Tom Brady.

After defeating the Giants last Sunday, this is how the Patriots remaining schedule shapes up going into Sunday:

Bills (5-4), Broncos (7-2), Eagles (4-5), Texans (4-5), Titans (2-8), Jets (5-4), Dolphins (4-5)

Three of the seven teams are over .500, and the Patriots have already beaten both the Bills and Jets once. The Broncos seem like the only major threat, but with issues at their quarterback position, it seems like the Patriots are in good shape to run the table.

He’ll look to add another ring to his already impressive collection this season, whether he goes 16-0 or not.



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