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Reactions and analysis to players signed on Day 53 of NBA free agency

Day 53 of NBA free agency was a snooze fest.

The Milwaukee Bucks confirmed the signing of Jason Terry on Monday, after announcing they would come to a deal on Friday. It’s a 1-year contract, but the amount the Jet will be signing for is yet to be announced. Besides that, nothing else happened in the NBA; marking one of the worst days throughout the offseason. Maybe teams were talking a small break to celebrate USA’s basketball dominance, but it now marks a 2-day stretch without a single agreement.

There’s no way of knowing if free agency will pickup, but at least Day 53 marked a special moment in the offseason.

Folks, the NBA will be back before we know it.

Find out which free agents came to an agreement on Day 51 here:

Reactions and analysis to players signed on Day 51 of NBA free agency


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