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Virginia works a clever fake field goal for a TD against North Carolina

The Virginia Cavaliers executed the perfect fake field goal during Saturday afternoon’s game against North Carolina.

On 4th down and 3 with 5:33 remaining in the 2nd quarter, the Cavaliers were looking to make something happen; being down 7-0 to North Carolina. It seemed like Virginia was going to take a field goal to cut the lead to 4, until half of the formation broke up into groups and went in opposite directions. With the special teams unit of North Carolina scrambling, Virginia tight end Evan Butts tossed the ball to his teammate and backup quarterback, Matt Johns. At first, Butts acted like he wasn’t apart of the play until he bolted off and received an 11-yard pass from Johns in the end zone for a TD.

Unfortunately, the clever play wouldn’t result in much success for Virginia; with North Carolina dominating the rest of the game to win this one, 35-14.

The fake field goal was one of the very few bright spots for Virginia in this contest, considering the way things ended. Apparently, the play itself was called “BUTTS”; named after the tight end who caught the touchdown pass. Butts didn’t do much after the touchdown catch, finishing with 2 catches for 14 yards and a lone TD in the contest. He hasn’t been involved in the Cavaliers’ offence this season, posting a total of 5 catches for 42 yards and his single TD from Saturday’s game. It’ll be interesting to see if this trend continues, considering that a tight end is normally a quarterback’s security blanket. In a Cavaliers offence that’s normally explosive, Butts will look to get more involved as the season continues.

With the loss, Virginia moves to a 2-5 record. They were clearly over-matched by the North Carolina Tar Heels, who are considered one of the best teams in the ACC. It won’t get any easier, as they’ll have to take on one of the best teams in the country in the 6-1 Louisville Cardinals next Saturday at home, with kick-off scheduled at 12:00 p.m. EST.

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