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Top 5 poster dunks around the NBA on Christmas

Credit: ESPN Boston

Christmas around the NBA was a real treat, with a lot of players delivering some incredible dunks.

We saw a lot of new poster dunks, ones that are most definitely worthy of actually getting printed and turning into presents for a fan to hang on their wall. Each dunk is different, but for some reason they’ve always been able to raise people out of their seats like nothing else in basketball.

Under the national spotlight, players rose up to the occasion over the holidays, and delivered some jaw-dropping highlights that surely won’t be out of style before your favourite ugly Christmas sweater.

1.A Richard Jefferson slams it over Klay Thompson

Last year’s Finals rematch had everything one could want from a basketball game, with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors putting on another show for the ages.

Besides Kyrie Irving’s clutch game-winning dagger, the highlight of the game belonged to Richard Jefferson; who was able to introduce Klay Thompson to his newest poster.

At 36 years old, Jefferson might not deliver the same high-flying jams he used to on a consistent basis, but his dunk over Thompson should keep NBA fans of all ages satisfied for a long time.

1.B Richard Jefferson welcomes Kevin Durant to the rivalry

Scratch that. Before Jefferson was able to throw it down all over Thompson, he also helped Kevin Durant break into his new Warriors jersey.

With the Cavaliers looking for momentum down the stretch, Jefferson was able to put matters into his own. Unfortunately for Durant, Jefferson brought all of Quicken Loans Arena to their feet with a nasty sideways jam.

Jefferson went on to give Durant a mean stare down, costing him and the Cavaliers a technical foul. But I’m sure everyone can agree that it well worth it.

2. Al Horford soars over Kristaps Porzingis

It’s safe to say that Al Horford made his first Christmas matchup with the Boston Celtics a memorable one.

With the Celtics looking to maintain their lead, Horford showed off his versatility by faking a 3-point attempt; giving him an open lane to the rim. Kristaps Porzingis was in his way, but that didn’t stop Horford from throwing down a dunk all over the Knicks’ 7-foot-3 forward.

Horford’s slam helped the Celtics get some sweet revenge, after Porzingis threw down a powerful two-handed dunk of his own to end the 1st half. It was a sweet play, especially considering the fact that Porzinigs has established himself as one of the best shot blockers in the game.

3. Kevin Durant slams it on Kevin Love, leading to a LeBron James breakaway tomahawk

Jefferson turning back the clock is starting to make a lot more sense, especially after realizing that Durant delivered the first poster dunk of their Christmas matchup.

Durant was able to throw down a mean jam over Kevin Love, one that sparked a huge reaction from the Warriors’ bench. But by the time the Dubs were done celebrating, Love had already recovered and threw a sweet outlet pass to LeBron James; leading to a vintage tomahawk slam in transition.

The pair of dunks, from arguably the 2 best players in the world, helped set the tone for the remainder of their matchup.

4. LeBron James finally dunks over Draymond Green

This dunk could easily be no.1 on the list, but it just depends on who you ask.

With the game tied at 103 with just under 2 minutes to go, James delivered another iconic moment. After receiving a pass through the lane from Irving, James exploded to the hoop and finally got his poster dunk over Draymond Green.

It sorta looked familiar to the time that James tried to throw it down all over Green at the end of last year’s Game 7 in the NBA Finals. James actually completed the dunk this time around, while still drawing a foul on the play.

5. Domantas Sabonis throws it down over Gorgui Dieng with the foul

Many people might not know who Domantas Sabonis is, but they will remember his name after watching him thrown down a nasty dunk over Gorgui Dieng.

After first driving past Karl-Anthony Towns, Sabonis attacked the rim with a full head of steam. Dieng tried to rotate in time, instead he found himself on a new poster to start off the Minnesota Timberwolves’ first Christmas Day game.

The Thunder rookie is the son of Arvydas Sabonis, which means we should expect a lot of powerful dunks to come our way as long as he’s in the NBA.

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